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We help Dogs & Cats, to relocate across the globe. Let us know where you're heading & we will assist you to relocate your pet with comfort, care and ease. Your furry friends can now follow you wherever you go.

Currently We handles pet dogs and cats. Our services help the pet/s to travel from other countries into India and from India to any other country. We also undertake domestic projects to assist pet parents who travel with their pets within India and these are called 'Domestic pet relocation/Travel'.

Our team have the experience and expertise of enabling pets travel from/to almost 20 different countries and the most frequent ones being: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Dubai, Germany, France, Belgium, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Vietnam, Madagascar, Africa, Korea, China, Philippines, Japan, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Cambodia, South Africa & Mauritius – to name a few.

Every country has different rules for incoming and outgoing pets. Some countries require only the certified paper work. Some countries require the pet to go through quarantine. Depending on the Country norms and the Import Customs, they will have very different laws, unique to each country. Some countries have laws related to import and commercial import of pets. In India you cannot import a pets however it is allowed to bring in your own pet as a companion, but with certain mandated clauses.

We travelled with pets to relocate them to different countries and ease them in. We understands procedures and processes of different countries regarding pet relocation at a first-hand information. Our Team have built the relationships with agents, veterinarians, quarantine offices, cargo offices, airlines across many countries, through their years of service and experiences.

Services provided by Taxi for Pets for ‘International pet Travels:

  • Counselling the pet parents for comfortable travel of their pets (Pre-Travel preparation)
  • Crate sizing and pet’s crate training
  • Arranging the IATA crate to buy or to rent
  • Assist with pet as AVI cargo booking
  • Assisting in cases where pets travel as an accompanied baggage
  • All types of blood tests including pet blood titer test
  • Pet boarding services for ‘holding time’ requirements
  • Processes and documentation services related to AQCS, India (Animal Quarantine and Certification Services)
  • Processes and documentation services related to DGFT, India (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) for import permits wherever applicable
  • All other types of documentation for travel as per the country’s requirements including: health certificates, import permit, export permit etc.
  • Microchipping
  • Pre-Fly health check-up: Mandatory for older pets / ailing pets
  • Helping to choose the right airline & coordination with the airlines
  • Pet Cab Service for door to door relocations
  • Arranging meet, greet & assist services on Delhi Port for inbound and outbound travels
  • Professional pet escort service: We provide a trained professional to travel with your pet
  • Assistance in booking the quarantine facilities everywhere in the world
  • Connecting with travel agents, cargo agents and veterinarians across the globe for cargo and baggage clearance and any other documentation

Services we provide for Domestic Travel of pets:

  • Free consultation over the phone for all travels of pets that are accompanied by the owners: air, railways and road travels
  • ‘Fit to Fly’ Certificate from veterinarian
  • Pet Cab Service for door to door pet relocation
  • Crate sizing & training
  • Arranging the crate to ‘buy’ or ‘on rent’
  • Professional pet escorts to help at/for rail coordination and booking
  • Professional escorts to help at Airports for AVI cargo booking
  • Paid premium service for domestic relocation of pets also available – A trained professional travels with your pet in train or by air
  • Pet boarding services for holding time requirements

let us know where your pet needs to travel to and we’ll make your pet’s transport easy and safe. You can reach us on +91-8595640746

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